Welcome to LINAC10 conference

We are pleased to announce that the 25th International Linear Accelerator Conference, LINAC10, is to be held in Tsukuba, Japan, from 12 to 17 September 2010, jointly organized by KEK, JAEA, and J-PARC. Tsukuba is Japan's largest science city with more than 300 research institutes, and is one of world's key sites for basic research in science and technology. This bi-yearly conference series exclusively covers the linac technology and related science, and it provides experts from around the world with a unique opportunity to discuss the latest advances in the linac research and development. We enthusiastically encourage all the linac experts to join the LINAC10 conference for professionally exchanging information in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Sincerely yours,

Yoshishige Yamazaki
LINAC10 Conference Chair