Student Program

Special Poster Session for Students

A special poster session for students will take place during delegate registration on Sunday, September 12th. The student category includes a student registered for a Ph.D. or diploma in accelerator physics or engineering. All students attending the conference are encouraged to present their work in this session.

Posters should be mounted before 15:00 on Sunday, September 12 and manned from 15:00 to 16:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00. In accordance with the guidelines for publication of contributions, these posters must also be displayed during the regular poster sessions.

The LINAC10 Prizes Committee will judge the work of the candidates during the special poster session. Prizes and Awards for Students will be announced later in the week. Prizes will be awarded based on the quality of both the scientific work and the poster, the professionalism of the interaction with the judges at the poster, and the promise for the future.

1st Prize
The winner will receive a cash prize of 100,000 JPY and will have the opportunity to give a twenty minute oral presentation during the final session of LINAC10.

2nd and 3rd Prizes
Each winner will receive a cash prize of 50,000 JPY.